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Terms & Conditions:

  • Membership Card is invalid without ID to validate it upon entry.
  • This membership card is NOT transferable.
  • Membership card MUST be presented EVERY night of attendance, should you not have it you will be subject to a “no card present” fee.
  • Members (present with card and ID) and guest (present with ID) MUST sign in with concierge upon arrival (Members are urged to call ahead and pre sign in.)
  • Admission is contingent upon the legal capacity of the venue. Admission may be denied
    at any time by management for this reason.
  • Membership is valid for 90 days unless renew by holder. (subscription/automatic renewal
    is also available)


  • This Membership is a MECA events only membership and holds no guarantees outside of this forum.
  • This membership is subjected to change without notice.
  • MECA assumes no responsibility or liability for access beyond the enclosed membership